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Indian deserts give a befitting end to any meal, they add a factor to our lives. Whatever may be the occasion, sweets are compulsory a part of it. Majority of Indians love to have sweet in their palate.  Depending upon season and taste, people  make different dishes.  In today’s scenario no one is ready to do these preparations at home. They usually buy them from the market. And this is the reason that number of Online Sweet Store is set by the retail manufacturers to facilitate people. Here we have listed a few Indian sweets online which are loved by most of the people.

Gajar Halwa

This is a nutritious and very tasty dish prepared in winters. The main ingredients of this savory dish are carrot and condensed milk. Lots of nuts sprinkled on the preparation make it more appealing. Mostly this dish is served hot.

Kaju ki Barfi

Served on occasions, the dish is very soft and solely made with cashew nuts and milk. These sweets are mostly exchanged on special occasions as gifts.

Gulab Jamun

Soft, spongy,  round dish prepared with khoya induced in sugar syrup is Gulab Jamun. This is all time favorite sweet of people.


Laddus are prepared on almost all the occasions, whether it is marriage ceremony or the birth anniversary of kid. Depending on the ingredients used their names can change like besan laddu or boondi laddu.


Ghevar is a traditional sweets of Rajasthan which is prepared during the teej festival. Mawa ghevar or malai ghevar are the two different types of this product.


This is a famous Bengali dish prepared with cottage cheese, saffron and cardmom.

Shahi Tukda

This is a royal dish with a creamy texture that can be a treat for the taste buds.


This frozen dish of the milk is the all time favorite of kids.


Milk pudding prepared during the festive season is best served in mud pots.


Jelabi is a syrupy dish and is mostly the part of a breakfast meal.